About Cock Rings

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Metal Cock Rings

A cock ring is a metal, latex, or rubber ring OR a leather strap with metal snaps or velcro fastener that fits around the penis and scrotum. Cock rings are used to increase sensitivity both before and during orgasm, make the penis harder, and to maintain erection. Many men who use these enjoy temporarily prolonged erections and a heightened sense of arousal. Normally, once you experience orgasm, you lose the erection, but if you have a cock ring on you can maintain your erection and continue to satisfy your partner until they reach orgasm. Sometimes, especially during oral sex, you can experience several orgasms before your cock goes limp.

To find out what size you need, measure around the cock and scrotum where you want the ring to fit using a measuring tape and make it as tight as you can without being uncomfortable. Divide the measurement in half. This will be the inside diameter measurement of the cock ring you want. Another method to determine the proper cock ring size is to buy an inexpensive set of rubber rings and see which one fits best. You can then use this measurement to buy a more expensive cockring. Metal rings come in various weights and sizes and in everything from potmetal to gold, silver, or pewter.

A cock ring sensitizes the wearer to the natural erogenous surfaces at the base of the penis and around the scrotum. The theory of the cock ring is to partially trap the blood that has made the penis erect. Blood flows into the cock through the arteries and flows out of the cock through the veins. By applying pressure to the veins, a cock ring traps blood in the penis and results in a more erect penis. Using a cockring provides a sense of pressure, increased hardness of the penis, and tightening of the scrotum. With a proper-size ring installed at the base of the penis, some men can stimulate the shaft for a considerably longer time before orgasm.

The ring should be loose enough to permit semen to ejaculate. Having the ring on so tightly that the semen is forced back into the prostate could cause irreparable damage to the prostate.

Black Rubber Cock Rings
Black rubber or latex rings come in a number of sizes. Smaller ones slide comfortably down the penis to the base and the larger ones can accommodate the testicles or the testicles and the penis. The rubber or latex rings stretch slightly under intense pressure and are more comfortable. They also conform to the shape of your genitals and provide a more even pressure. Rubber or latex rings also are much easier to remove (and can be removed in an emergency with a scissor). Rubber rings are more comfortable during raging erections and less likely to restrict an ejaculation.

Below are just a few variations of cock rings and cock & ball rings and stretchers, etc available at toy stores everywhere.

Chain Cock Ring

Coc & Ball Rings

Gates of Hell

Cock Ring, Ball Stretcher & Spreader

Infinity Cock Ring & Ball Spreader

Ball Spreader

Cock Ring, Ball Spreader, and Gate of Hell

1" & 3" Ball Stretchers

Cock Ring and "V" Ball Spreader

Cock Ring & Cock Cage

Cords, wires, gaskets, rubber bands, strings, leather shoe laces, etc. of an improper size, drawn too tight, or used around the penis or the scrotum for prolonged periods should be avoided. Impeding the normal flow of blood can cause an aneurysm. Be careful and sensible.

To install the cock ring, hold the cock ring with the left hand along side the right testicle while your cock is still flaccid. Pull the testicle skin through the ring until the testicle pops through the ring. Pull some more skin through and then switch hands and hold the ring with the right hand. Use pressure to push the left testicle through the ring with the left hand. Now insert the head of the penis under the ring and pull it through. A small amount of lubricant may be helpful, although too much lubricant may make everything so slippery you are unable to manage any of these tasks.

If you feel any discomfort, pain, or if the penis begins to tingle or burn, remove the ring as soon as possible. The advantage of straps with snaps is that they can be quickly removed. If the cock ring is metal this may create a complication because an erect penis must first become flaccid before it can be removed. In the event you need to remove the ring and the penis will not go flaccid, try wrapping an ace bandage around the penis or applying cold compresses. If neither of these methods work, a physician should be consulted as soon as possible. If you're really hard and have difficulty getting soft you may have a serious situation on your hands if it becomes uncomfortable or painful.

Leather straps with Velcro or snaps are the most convenient for quick installation and easy removal. I have noticed an increased intensity in the orgasm if the snap on cock ring is removed at exactly the moment of orgasm. Leather cock rings come in a variety of styles to stimulate the testicles and much more.

The "Cock Cage" is a leather cock ring that goes around the cock and balls. A second leather strap goes under the cock and over the balls. A third leather strap connects between the first and second straps and serves to separate the two balls.
Cock Cage

Double Ring
The "Double Ring" is usually two metal rings connected by a short piece of leather. The larger of the two rings goes around the cock and balls and the smaller of the two rings goes over just the penis.
A "Torso Harness" is a leather harness that goes under the armpits, over the shoulders, down the back, and through the crotch to connect to the cock ring. Another strap connected to the cock ring goes up the front of the abdominals and connects to the armpit and shoulder straps.

Torso Harness

Tie One On

"Tie one on" is a chrome and leather cock harness and laces up the cock. Has three snap cock ring for control and keeps a beast under control.
"Latex Lasso" is an easy to enjoy erection ring made of latex tubing to give added stretch under extreme pressure. This type of cock ring is fully adjustable by pulling on the end strings. It can be released quickly and installed in a hurry if necessary. The tails dangling on the balls can provide an additional sensation.
"Enhanced Erection Ring" has a new and improved design which snuggles the penis, has topside design to gently restrict blood flow through the veins and allows the urethra to remain unrestricted to provide maximum arousal during ejaculation.

Some men like to wear cockrings under their speedos, 501's, or any clothing. It makes a basket look tremendous! This is very popular with men who vacuum pump their penis. Just be sure not to wear it too tight, or get yourself into a situation where you can't remove it in a hurry if necessary. It would be awful to have your cock go numb while you are riding a subway or city bus. Don't forget to remove any metal cock rings or leather straps with metal snaps before going through the airport metal detector.