Vacuum Pumping Primer

The following article was originally posted to Vacuum Pumpers Forum - Ball Stretching and Pumping. It is worth reading in it's entirety. The article was modified by and is used with the permission of it's author, Monsternuts (aka Baldcock).

Vacuum Pumping Enlargement of the Penis & Testicles

by Monsternuts (aka Baldcock)


Vacuum pumping is a method by which the male genitals can be "permanently" enlarged using a manual brass pump and thick-wall lucite cylinders. Electric versions are also available but are not discussed here because of the author's belief that manual control of the process is more important than sexual stimulation obtained from electric motor pumps. And IT DOES WORK! It's a safe and sane way to broaden your sexual horizons. Although readily available in adult bookstores, those $29 special novelty pumps will only last through 4-5 sessions before the cylinder collapses. For the serious pumper, these cheap devices simply do not build up enough pressure and are a waste of money. I must admit, however, for the curious they are a good starting point to see if you would enjoy vacuum pumping.

I've been pumping since 1990 and started doing it not because I had a small dick or balls but rather because I just wanted to have bigger genitals and have something not every other guy had. Later, it turned out to be beneficial to vacuum pump prior to going to electrolysis to make the hair removal easier.  I've also found that although pumping was initially limited primarily to the gay community, it now seems to have CROSSED OVER INTO THE STRAIGHT AND BISEXUAL COMMUNITY. I've noticed this mainly in the vacuum pumping club that I've formed here in Charlotte, NC and one of the Internet pages for pumpers....

Most men pump their penises and a simple 2" diameter tube will suffice for the average male. Different sizes from 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" are available from the manufacturers listed at the end of this document. Most all tubes are 9" or 10" long and will be adequate for most men. Those who are fortunate enough to be hung like a horse probably don't need to be vacuum pumping anyway.

Pumping is really quite simple. Shave or trim as much pubic hair as possible. Pubic hair is your worst enemy. Every strand of hair breaks the airtight seal a little bit. Use lots of lube. Mineral oil is best but any good hand lotion will work. It has two purposes: (1) provide an airtight seal and (2) prevent bruising; it's not unusual for men, including myself on occasion to get too anxious and get tiny little black and blue bruises throughout the pump area; like any bruise, they go away in a day or so.

After lubricating your personal parts, slip them in and pump away. Remember, vacuum pumping should be a pleasurable experience. You should feel a "pleasant discomfort." If you're in pain, you've got yourself under too much vacuum. I generally pump for 2-3 hours with 5 minute breaks every 30 minutes. Beginners should take 5-minute breaks more frequently. The initial 30 minutes will show little result. During the next hour, the pace will pick up considerably and you should see marked expansion. Heat is also good. Sit in a jacuzzi or tub. Lay out in the sun (at a nude beach or your backyard). Add lubrication as needed. Water-based lubes and water do not hurt the brass pump or the cylinders and actually help to extend the life of the rubber seals. Moist heat is best but any heat will do.

Results vary from male to male. Everyone is different. The penis being spongy tissue will swell at different locations and stay enlarged from 24 to 72 hours. Some males gain length. Others simply gain width. I tend to swell mainly just below the head and don't enjoy the look. Uncircumcised men get lots of swelling in the foreskin. The testicles being organs tend to return to normal in about 24 hours. Permanent testicle growth requires dedicated daily, long-term pumping. I cannot say that I have been that dedicated. My max is about 2-3 times per week --- sometimes while driving, sometimes while watching TV, sometimes at computer, etc. Sometimes with wife present though generally not. Cocks, however, with dedication can achieve permanently bloated results. I have met guys whose cocks are as thick as a 2"+ tube and hang 8-9" long. It's rare but it is possible. Also important to get even swelling up and down the shaft is using multiple tubes. Start with a tube not much thicker than your cock. When it's finally filled after an hour or so, go up a 1/4" or 1/2" size and repeat. Keep going!

I focus primarily on my balls; I have a 6" cock. I can now get my nuts up to grapefruit size using a 3-1/2" straight cylinder and come within 1" of the top. I've about maxed out the length I can stretch my scrotum, but I've gotten a 2-stage 5" cylinder with a 3-1/2" diameter base --- the 5" diameter main chamber has a step transition to a short 3-1/2" section that gives me a real tight, narrow body seal & yet leaves massive expansion room for my nuts. This way I can get more expansion and grow a little more. My goal is to grow as large as possible and would like to one day reach 18" around if that's possible. It's a little hard to get them out again and I actually have to pressurize the tube to push them back out. I don't recommend this except for men and boys that have tough nuts and enjoy moderate testicle pain. Yeah! Actually, I've outgrown the 3" x 4-1/2" two-stage and just recently gone to the larger size. As a side note, I had a 2- stage 4"x6" I've been using but the 4" part was simply too big against my slender build. I do NOT recommend going larger than 3-1/2" for the base section unless your a fairly larger person. The pressure against your pelvic bone is painful and far exceeds the pain capabilty my balls could stand if i were to really crank up the pressure.

If you're going to use a straight tube as opposed to a 2-stage cylinder to pump your balls, you should try to fold your penis back over on itself (scrunch it up) so that your balls take up all the room inside and prevent your penis from expanding. Otherwise, go ahead and just stuff the whole enchilada straight in. I usually pump my balls from 2-3 hours. The first hour is slow and the testicles themselves should swell nicely to the size of chicken eggs. During the next hour, the scrotum should swell tremendously as body fluids fill the scrotum. The nutsack is an amazing body part in its ability to expand to unbelievable proportions. Slow and steady. Patience will be rewarded! Remember, pumping should not be painful, but rather a pleasant discomfort. I take breaks every 1/2 hour for about 5 minutes and remove myself completely from the tube.

For those who are results-oriented, pumping tends to be a non-sexual experience initially. It can be made into sexual experience later, but I find the pleasure of the moderate pressure and the end results more satisfying than "getting off." I generally try and pump when I can be doing something else and let the pumping be incidental to the other task. I've gotten so used pumping and doing it while doing something else, that I've mastered housework, sitting at the computer and even long-distance driving with my cylinder attached to my groin.

After pumping, I generally try and show off my "package" somewhere like the YMCA, a nude beach, the occasional glory hole or let them be visible from under my shorts. Initially, they are big and round and tight. But after a few hours they become really long and baggy and are huge for about 24 hours! I've also shaved my pubes, which draws alot of attention but really helps in the airtight department. I also love to masturbate after pumping and love the feel of my scrotum bouncing against my buttcrack from their massive weight! I also seem to shoot a much bigger load than usual and many times will throw my legs over my head as I lick my huge nutsack and stroke myself off into my own mouth (another one of my sexual turn-ons).

All in all, I've found pumping to be a pleasant experience and find myself "addicted" to it. I generally pump 2-3 times per week, time permitting and share the results with my spouse when she's "in the mood." I've also found this to be a "cross-over" activity in that it is enjoyed by straight men, gay men and bisexuals like myself. When I don't pump, I try and use weights, rings, leather straps to stretch my nutsack as long as it will go.


I mention this item here because part of the fun of vacuum pumping is to show off the results afterwards. Fun clothing is part of that. Although I rarely wear underwear and try to frequent only nude beaches, there are occasions when under clothing or swimwear is the better part of discretion. As a matter of fact, "normal" underwear and swimwear doesn't even fit at this point and bulge gear is necessary to hold my "package" in place. Bulge gear is oversize underwear and swimwear for men who like to pump their genitals to monster proportions or men who are just naturally well-endowed. It's available to hold that big basket of yours in place from Take It Off Creations who I highly recommend for their quality and selection. I've been the primary "basket model" for them and receive no fees for this endorsement.

Undergear & swimwear by Take It Off Creations is created for "men of size" and has your choice of fabrics (cotton, rayon, spandex, see- thru); your choice of style (G-string, bikini, boxer); your choice of pattern (unlimited) and custom sizes and styles available. For more information, catalog and prices, contact:

Take It Off Creations
Glenn Arden
PO Box 601142
North Miami Beach, FL 33160


For those of you who are now ready to take the pumping plunge, the following equipment is available from the below suppliers (the only 4 manufacturers in the USA that I am aware of):

* brass vacuum pumps are usually $29.00
* standard 9" lucite cylinders are usually $75.00 in 1/4-inch increments from 1-3/4" to 3-1/2"
* 2-stage cylinders are available (call each manufacturer for price quote but about $150)

Monster Pump Company
Attn: Steve Harsburger
(also very familiar with ball stretching & ball weightlifting)
PO Box 667039
Houston, TX 77266

The Boston Pump Works
c/o Mirza, Inc. (Pump It Up magazine)
139 West 4th Street
Roselle, NJ 07203

Northwest Pump Works

Attn: Brian
P.O. Box 5484
Salem, OR 97304-5484

Original San Francisco Pump Works
P.O. Box 32171
San Francisco, CA 94131

For those interested in electric pumps, they are expensive ($270) and bulky. I list here the one manufacturer that I am aware of that sells electric pumps, cylanders, etc.

2440 Sixteenth Street, Suite 153
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax: 1-415-863-0445
TOLL FREE: 1-888-890-PUMP
Customer Service: 1-415-673-8200


And for those of you desiring more information before taking the plunge, the two best know magazines are:

Pump It Up
Mirza Publishing
Gregg Nasarenko, Publisher
139 West 4th Avenue
Roselle, NJ 07203
908-241-6152 FAX
908-241-1180 BBS

5" x 8" quarterly publication in black & white, 100+/- pages (good quality); readership is straight, gay and bisexual. Excellent publication. $4.95 each / $20 per year

For men into VACUUM PUMPING their genitals and nipples. Personal ads, most uncoded, with photos. Pump manufacturers. Good articles and fiction. Great reference to other interests such as bulge undergear, J-O clubs, sex- clubs, pump parties, nudist camps & guest houses, photo & video services, offbeat videos, saline injection and other areas of interest (pumping, golden showers, foot & other fetishes, enemas, catheters, bondage, transsexuals, etc.). Lots of cross-over from the Ball Club.

Ball Club Quarterly
Kenneth Schein, Publisher
P.O. Box 1501
Pomona, CA 91769
909-623-1810 FAX

8" x 10" quarterly publication in black & white, 70+/- pages (good quality); readership is mostly gay, some bisexual. THIS IS A CLUB YOU MUST JOIN. Good publication. about $45 per year.

For men into BALLS! Those who have them, those that want them, those that vacuum pump them! Personal ads, generally uncoded, with photos. Good articles and fiction. Excellent reference to other interests such as golden showers, fetishes, tattoos, piercing, sex-clubs, offbeat videos, and very offbeat stuff including: saline injection, enemas, catheters, rough bondage, transsexuals, castration, fisting, bizarre home-made videos, electrolysis, spanking, ball- stretching, rough ball play, sounds (shoving objects into the penis), electro-shock, genital modification and more. Some cross-over from Pump It Up.


It has also recently come to my attention that there is a private camp/resort/beach in Northern Florida that caters to pumping enthusiasts and exhibitionists. I have not been there but have spoken with the owner. I think it sounds like a great place with campsites, RV sites, private beach, walking trails, guest house, special events, etc. All geared towrads vacuum pumpers. One can pump in the great outdoors among like minded men without fear of "being discovered." It is not meant as a sexual playground although I would imagine that this must go on sometimes. It is primarily a nudist resort for pumpers who want to get that all- over tan.

I do not know the quality of the facilities although I am very intrigued by the whole concept and will plan a visit there one day in the near future. The only drawback, however, is the requirement of a minimum of one weeks stay. For working individuals, like myself, a week is a large investment of time when I can usually only spare a 3-4 day long weekend. I am unsure of the age range of males that might be expected here. Rates are downright cheap! Write or call for more information:

PO Box 4001
Daytona Beach, FL 32121

If you enjoyed this document, learned something from it or have comments, please write to:

Visit, a vacuum pumping social and resource site, and for information on their twice a year meeting in Palm Springs, CA.